Tesla Pickup truck: could this be the mysterious ‘Blade Runner’ design?

Tesla Pickup truck is supposed to have a mysterious design inspired by ‘Blade Runner’ and Tesla also released a teaser image that has been confusing fans.
Now an artist came up with a render that could possibly be close to what the Tesla Pickup truck actually looks like.
Tesla CEO Elon Musk bewildered many when he said that the Tesla Pickup Truck will have a ‘really futuristic-like cyberpunk Blade Runner’ design without explaining what it means other than saying that ‘it won’t be for everyone’.
On top of the comments not being clear, Musk didn’t really help anyone when he released a very cryptic teaser image for the pickup truck during the Model Y unveiling earlier this year.
Most people didn’t even understand which part of the electric pickup truck was shown by Tesla in the teaser image:
Many people tried to interpret the image with a bunch of interesting renderings that we shared following the release of the teaser.
But later, Musk confirmed that the image is actually showing the front end of the truck, which is going against many of those previous renderings.
People tried again to interpret it, but we now have what we think could be the best one yet:
The render is the work of Justin Duel James (aka Duelj) who managed to integrate the teaser image as the front-end of a pickup truck.
In James’ vision, it also appears to feature suicide doors and a relatively small bed.
Tesla plans to unveil the pickup truck prototype by the end of the year.