World's Filthiest Man: Who Hasn’t Bathed In 60 Years And Smokes Animal Feces

Sometimes we take things for granted. I know that I do! We take for granted the little things like food in our fridge, shoes on our feet, and taking a shower regularly. Well this Iranian man has not bathed or showered in over 60 years. I can imagine he smells less than perfect but he claims cleanliness makes him sick. Amou Haji lives a less than normal lifestyle, however he is 80 years old. He may not be living the most healthy lifestyle but he’s made it 80 years so far, so it seems to be working for him.

He claims to enjoy smoking animal feces and has a diet of mainly rotten animals he finds dead around him, which usually consists of rotten porcupine meat.

The (allegedly) 80 year-old leads a fairly primitive life, with his most prized possession being a steel pipe… that he smokes animal dung with.

He seems to blend in with his surroundings.

He has chosen to live this way for over 60 years now.

He lives in the village of Dezhgah (city of Farashband in Fars province of Iran).

He also enjoys 5 cigarettes a day, but smokes them all at once.

The man claims that emotional setbacks from society in his 20’s made him choose to live this way.

He cuts and trims his hair by burning it over a fire.

He lives a dirty, but simple life

He almost blends in with his surroundings.