This Artist Just Replaced All These Classic Cartoons With Black Characters

This is Tyron Handy, a Cartoonist, Illustrator and Comic Artist from Philadelphia

He has reimagined some of his favourite cartoons with black characters

He started posting on his instagram 2 years ago and now more than 19 000 people love his work

He told BuzzFeed: “There weren’t a lot of cartoons that I felt represented me much growing up”

“Most black characters in cartoons and tv shows were stereotypical side characters and the best friend of the white main character”

Handy wants to inspire the next generation of black artists

“I hope that one day I can run my own animation studio. I want to create more cartoons with black lead characters that will better represent the black experience”

“Black kids need to be able to see more representations of themselves in media”

Handy also has his own weekly comic, Apple Dapple Tactics