This caller told James O'Brien that the four Congresswomen who Donald Trump criticised are trying to create a socialist country. But his point fell apart when he couldn't name them or say what socialism actually is!

Stuart called into LBC when James was discussing the President's controversial tweets, in which he told four lawmakers to "go back home" to their countries, despite all being American citizens.

He insisted that the tweets were not racist and that the four - Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley and Rashida Tlaib - are "hardline socialists".

After a tense opening to the call, Stuart told James: "You can't come back with anything. You're in sympathy with these women," to which James responded: "Name them."

There was a very long pause before Stuart eventually came back with: "AOC for a start" but he could only say it stood for "Alexandria Occasional-Cortex".

James told him: "So you know all about their politics, but you don't know their names. And you're on national radio having your pants pulled down."

When Stuart insisted they are all socialists, James asked him what socialism actually is.

He avoided the answer, so James asked again. And again. And again.

The conversation descended into farce as Stuart accused James of patronising him.

But James told him: "Of course I'm patronising you. You're a clown. You're on national radio, condemning socialism and you've been asked many times."

Listeners loved the call, labelling it one of James's best ever!

Bill Gates believes that Steve Jobs was a master of wizardry.

Speaking in a segment on leadership on CNN's "Fareed Zakaria GPS," which aired Sunday, Gates said Jobs "cast spells" and was able to "mesmerize" people.

"I was like a minor wizard because he would be casting spells, and I would see people mesmerized, but because I'm a minor wizard, the spells don't work on me," he said, according to Bloomberg, which received a transcript before the show aired.

Gates said no one could rival Jobs when it came to picking and motivating talent. Jobs also managed to captivate people with products that ultimately failed, he added.

Gates used the 1988 NeXT computer invention as an example of this. Gates said it "completely failed, it was such nonsense, and yet he mesmerized those people."

Tesla CEO Elon Musk seemed to agree with Gates. In a tweet on Sunday, Musk shared Bloomberg's story with the caption "Cat is out of the bag."
Jobs was known for being a harsh leader, and over the years there have been several accounts detailing his rudeness to workers, business partners, and even family and friends. This behavior was also mentioned in his daughter's memoirs.

But Gates said that while Jobs could be an "asshole" at times, "he brought some incredibly positive things along with that toughness."

Without Jobs, who died in 2011 from pancreatic cancer, the Apple we know today would not have existed. He was credited with saving the company from bankruptcy in the late 1990s and setting it on a path to becoming a trillion-dollar company.
Music superstar Miley Cyrus had an expletive-filled message for her fans about the environment during a festival on Friday, declaring that the young people are the "last f---ing hope on this dying f---king planet."
Before closing her set at the Tinderbox Festival in Odense, Denmark, the former Disney icondropped several F-bombs in defense of Earth.
"All of you know how important it is for you all to be involved in politics," Cyrus began. The youth, this generation, we are the last f---ing hope on this dying f---ing planet. It is begging you to f---ing go clean up the f---ing oceans."
Her message was welcomed with cheers by the audience.

She continued, “I don’t like there’s more f---ing trash in the water than living f---ing animals that deserve to be there, that have nowhere else to go. And by the f---ing way, we don’t have anywhere to f---ing go, either! There’s no planet B, so don’t f--- it up!”
IHeart Radio reports that the 26-year-old singer also weighed in on LGBT issues, telling the audience, "I was told backstage that I might offend some people by calling my country sh—y," later adding, "my friends that are gay … feel unsafe to walk on the f—ing street."
GLASTONBURY, ENGLAND - JUNE 30: Miley Cyrus performs on The Pyramid Stage during day five of Glastonbury Festival at Worthy Farm, Pilton on June 30, 2019 in Glastonbury, England. (Photo by Harry Durrant/Getty Images)

Miley Cyrus performs on The Pyramid Stage during day five of Glastonbury Festival at Worthy Farm, Pilton on June 30, 2019 in Glastonbury, England. (Photo by Harry Durrant/Getty Images)
Miley's message isn't the only time she has gotten political, with the pop star going on a tirade against President Trump earlier this year.
Speaking in an interview with Vanity Fair earlier this year, Cyrus told the story of getting a call from Donald Trump while she was staying in Trump Tower in New York following her now-infamous 2013 MTV VMA performance. She said the then reality host called to congratulate her and to tell her “I love it,” about her performance.

“And now he’s our president,” Cyrus told the outlet. “You know, I said I would move away if he became president. We all said a bunch of s--- we didn’t mean.”
According to People, Cyrus previously stated that she would leave the United States should Trump beat Hillary Clinton in the election. However, she’s since admitted that she has no plans to exit the country in the wake of the Trump administration.

Master P revealed that he harbors a genuine celebrity crush for talk show host Ellen DeGeneres during a Monday interview on Good Morning America host’s Michael Strahan and Sarah Haines’ third hour talk show. Actress Keke Palmer sat in on the action a third co-host.
The music mogul sat down as a guest along with his son Romeo when Palmer asked him who he has an eye for in Hollywood.
“Yes I do,” Master P answered.
“I’ll bet you’ll never guess who his crush is,” Romeo said as Master P agreed. But he did give a hint, “And she from New Orleans,” giving a shout out to his beloved hometown.
As Strahan and Palmer began to ponder, Master P ended the suspense by blurting out “Ellen DeGeneres!”
Is unavailability a turn on for you, because I’m right here?” Gaines asked while rubbing her pregnant belly, alluding to the known fact that DeGeneres is first, gay and secondly, has been married to actress Portia de Rossi for over 10 years. So she is wholeheartedly unavailable.
But for Master P, it had to do with DeGeneres’ infectious personality. “I like her swag,” P said, as everyone noticeably agreed.
Well, although there’s no chance that the two will ever get together, it’s undeniable that DeGeneres would definitely be fun to get to know and hang out with. Good luck P!
CREDIT: Courtesy of One Love Manchester
The tempest in a tea cup that took over the news cycle on Sunday continues into the holiday week, as Taylor Swift supporters like Haim and Allesia Cara add their name to the social media squad, while Scooter Braun defenders include clients Demi Lovato and Justin Bieber.

Braun’s SB Projects is home to such artists as Ariana Grande, Martin Garrix, Tori Kelly, Dan + Shay, Carly Rae Jepsen and Karlie Kloss, among others.

Will Grande join in the chorus? “She’s frustrated by the whole thing,” says a source, who suggests that Grande wants to speak out but Braun “is encouraging all of his acts to stay out of it.” Braun himself is staying quiet in an effort to diffuse further provocation and avoiding any social media endorsements to the contrary.

But the same can’t be said for association like Grande manager and SB Projects partner Allison Kaye, who posted a message on Sunday backing up Braun’s wife Yael Cohen Braun, who insiders say was prompted to go public out of concern for her kids’ safety. The Brauns are said to be “shocked and horrified” at the hate being directed at them from Swift fans and supporters, including former management client Todrick Hall, who appears in Swift’s latest video for the song “You Need to Calm Down.”

It’s advice all could stand to take and when cooler heads do eventually prevail and the various parties come to the table. “It’s inevitable that’s what will happen,” says an insider close to the situation. “There are shareholders, a board and a conversation to be had.”

But for now, Braun is the custodian of her masters and very much in the driver’s seat as it concerns the business dealings of Big Machine. His attempts to reach Swift directly have so far been fruitless.

As Variety previously reported, Swift went public shortly after Big Machine’s acquisition by Ithaca Holdings was announced, writing on Tumblr: “When I left my masters in Scott’s hands, I made peace with the fact that eventually he would sell them. Never in my worst nightmares did I imagine the buyer would be Scooter. Any time Scott Borchetta has heard the words ‘Scooter Braun’ escape my lips, it was when I was either crying or trying not to. He knew what he was doing; they both did. Controlling a woman who didn’t want to be associated with them. In perpetuity. That means forever.”

Borchetta, the founder of Big Machine Label Group, fired back at Swift for insinuating that she was not able to purchase back rights to her master recordings, posting documents that may refute Swift’s claim that she was only offered the rights to each of her previous six albums one at a time, as she turned in new albums to Big Machine, although Borchetta’s documentation is not complete.

For her part, Swift’s camp has remained relatively quiet outside of trying to distance her father, Scott Swift, from claims that he had knowledge of a Big Machine shareholder vote that took place on June 25 and was ratified three days later. At the same time, multiple sources contend that Scott Swift instead had a proxy included in a conference call between Big Machine shareholders last Tuesday.

A spokesperson for Swift responded to the suggestion denying that Swift’s father is even on the board, and saying that he deliberately stayed off the June 25 shareholder call for legal reasons.

“Scott Swift is not on the board of directors and has never been,” said the spokesperson. “On June 25, there was a shareholder phone call that Scott Swift did not participate in, due to a very strict NDA that bound all shareholders and prohibited any discussion at all without risk of severe penalty. Her dad did not join that call because he did not want to be required to withhold any information from his own daughter. Taylor found out from the news articles when she woke up before seeing any text from Scott Borchetta, and he did not call her in advance.”

Borchetta himself says he sent personally sent Swift a text message on Saturday, the night before news broke, that read, in part:

“I am entering into a merger/acquisition with Scooter Braun and Ithaca Holdings. This move will give us more pop culture super-power than ever before and I’m so excited about the future. … I want you to know that I will continue to be the proud custodian of your previous works and will continue to keep you and your team abreast of all future plans for releases of your work.”
In one of the more unexpected news items this year, it appeared that Justin Bieber was challenging Tom Cruise to a fight. Taking to Twitter, he claimed he wanted to take on the 56-year-old actor in a mixed martial arts fight.
"I wanna challenge Tom Cruise to fight in the octagon," the 25-year-old singer wrote. "Tom if you don't take this fight your scared and you will never live it down. [sic]" Bieber then tagged in Dana White, the president of UFC, writing: "Who is willing to put on the fight?"
Soon enough, Conor McGregor himself highlighted the tweet, offering to host the bout if he got a chance.
While Cruise didn't respond to the claim, Bieber later backtracked on the offer. Speaking to TMZ, he later said:
"Man... I was just playing. I'm pretty sure Tom would probably whoop my ass in a fight. I'd have to get super in shape, I'm really skinny right now. I think he'd probably be out of my weight class. He's got that dad strength. It was just a random tweet. I do that stuff sometimes."
Despite this backtracking, Bieber's manager later came through to say that the fight would go ahead... as long as Cruise was interested. Meanwhile, Dana White was, of course, all for the fight going ahead as long as he got a piece of the action.
While it looks like Cruise isn't too interested in the fight, we might be getting a strange celebrity match-up anyway. Speaking to TMZ Sports, Jackass' Steve-O said that Justin was "picking a fight with the wrong guy," and was happy to take Cruise' place. Speaking at LA-X, he said:
"I'm sick of being overlooked for my potential as a cage fighter! I had a little chat with Dana White, and he agreed that if Tom Cruise doesn't step up, and someone needs to fill the cage with Justin Bieber, then I'm the guy. We shook on it, me and Dana White."
"I think you've been picking a fight with the wrong guy," he said, addressing the Biebs. "Tom Cruise might be 56, but, hey, I'm 45! I can take a serious beating. [sic]"
While on the one hand, it sounds like Steve-O is joking, he also is exactly the kind of person who would definitely step in the ring with a pop star twenty years his junior for the hell of it. We'll have to wait and see!

A Turkish dentist has been photographed out on the streets dishing out blankets to stray cats and dogs, as temperatures in the country plummet.

Huseyin Yurtseven - who lives in Istanbul, Turkey's largest city - has been busy scouring his nearby neighbourhoods for dogs and cats in need of his help, giving out blankets and wrapping them around the animals to keep them warm.

Huseyin Yurtseven is a dentist who lives in Istanbul, Turkey.

Yurtseven was inspired to help his four-legged neighbours after he watched a video on social media and saw street dogs living in his area.

According to Yeni Safak, he has also distributed the blankets to traders in the area and other animals looking to help, in order to build a network of local heroes determined to stop the poor cats and dogs from freezing.

They've also been leaving contact details so that residents in Istanbul can return the blankets should they need a bit of a wash, so as not to litter the city with dirty blankets.

Earlier this month, flights in Istanbul were disrupted due to snowfall and strong winds.

According to Hurriyet Daily News, Turkish Airlines were forced to delay and cancel many of its domestic and international flights due to the adverse weather conditions.

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail reports the lowest temperature ever recorded in the country in January was -25C (-13F) in early 1942.

The cold snap has spread across Europe - including in the UK, where the Met Office has been warning of heavy snow with yellow weather warnings as snow and ice creates potentially dangerous conditions for pedestrians and drivers.

The Met Office said: "Further hail, sleet and snow showers are also likely at times. Accumulations of several centimetres are likely above 200 metres, mainly across western Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and northwest England. A small amount of settling snow (1 cm or less) is also possible at lower levels in a few places."

Northern Ireland, as well as northern England and Scotland are expected to be the worst affected areas.

Met Office meteorologist Sophie Yeomans added: "Most of the country is in the colder and showery air. The snow is mainly on the hills, while for most places the showers are falling as rain and maybe a bit of sleet.

"We've got some ice warnings; the weather front that has gone through has left rain on the ground, so as the air temperatures start to drop, ground temperatures will be below zero and that's giving the risk of ice across most of the UK.

"So look out for any areas where the surfaces haven't been treated. On untreated surfaces there's a risk of slips and falls.

"There's also a risk of some icy surfaces on any untreated roads."